Mulheres pedem mais representatividade nos órgãos de decisão



A ORGANIZAÇÃO internacional African Influence Exchange (AIE), realizou a primei- ra edição do “Mozambique Women Leaders Summit 2017”, Cimeira das Mulheres Líderes de Moçambique, no passado mês de Novembro na cidade de Maputo. O encontro das mulheres, teve lugar no Radisson Blu Hotel e reuniu um grupo notável de líderes, em representação de vários campos, que partilharam as suas perspectivas sobre como as mulheres podem desenvolver com grande e ciência nos negócios... 

Cimeira de Mulheres aborda lideranca feminina

Jornal Txoppela


O academico brasileiro, Grabriel Chalita, sera figura principal da Cimeira das Mulheres Lideres de Mozambique.

Mozambique acolhe Cimeira de Mulheres Lideres

Econtro Jornal


Mozambique acolhe Cimeira de Mulheres Lideres...

Mozambique Labour Law - Law nr 23/2007, of August 1

Mozlegal and CAL


Download the Mozambican Labour Law in English here.

SA regulator to rule on Mozambique gas pipeline tariff this month



ROMPCO, the company that operates the pipeline running from Sasol’s gas fields in Inhambane to South Africa, will know whether its application for a tariff price hike has been accepted by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) by the end of February.

Sasol launches pre-qualification tender for the provision of financial assistance to local suppliers in Mozambique

Club of Mozambique


Sasol Petroleum Temane, Lda has launched a tender to contract a company for the provision of financial assistance to local suppliers in Inhambane – Mozambique. The intention is to establish a partnership with a local financial institution with proven experience and strategy focused on Mozambican SMEs.

Gasnosu pipeline still ‘key for Mozambique’ despite domestic gas tender setback

Leigh Elston, Zitamar News


The sponsors of Gasnosu, a project to build a gas pipeline running from the gas fields in northern Mozambique to South Africa, say they will continue to pursue the project after losing out in the domestic gas project tender this week. “A north-south pipeline is key for Mozambique’s development” according to Marco Morgado, managing director ofMatola Gas Company which – like Gasnosu – is a joint-venture between Gigajoule and state oil company, ENH.

ENI invites Mozambican companies to provide goods and services for Rovuma LNG projects

Club of Mozambique


Italian oil company ENI is increasingly determined to invest in the Rovuma Basin in Cabo Delgado. Its board of directors announced the approval of its US$10 billion investment plan in November last year, and yesterday in Maputo the same company announced a series of tenders open to national and international companies, calling on Mozambican companies to get ready to provide services and supplies of equipment.

“Mozambique must gear up to absorb natural gas investments” – CTA

Impala News / Lusa


On Tuesday 31 January, the CTA said that the country must get ready to absorb investment in gas production in order to take advantage of the business opportunities for local business it represents.

Speaking in Maputo during a conference on gas infrastructure projects, CTA Deputy Chairman Agostinho Vuma stressed that small and medium-sized Mozambican companies must rise to the challenge of seizing the business opportunities that will be generated by the gas industry.

Mozambique makes its picks in gas tender

Leigh Elston, Interfax Natural Gas Daily


Mozambique's selection of Shell and fertilizer giant Yara as the main winners in the domestic gas tenders is good news for investors as it shows the professionalism of the country's new energy minister and the government's commitment to gas industrialisation, sources told Interfax Natural Gas Daily this week.

Mozambique picks winners for domestic gas mega-projects

Zitamar News


Mozambique’s ministry of mineral resources and energy (MIREME) has selected three international companies to develop a gas-to-liquids (GTL) project, a fertiliser plant and a power plant using the domestic gas allocation from the Rovuma Basin. Shell has been allocated 310-330 million cubic feet per day (MMcf/d) of gas from the Area 1 and Area 4 offshore gas fields in the far north of the country, to fuel its proposed 38,000 barrels per day GTL plant which will produce synthetic diesel, naptha and kerosene, and 50-80 MW of power.

Maputo acolhe conferência sobre infra-estruturas para gás

Folha de Maputo


A Cidade de Maputo vai acolher, no próximo dia 31 de Janeiro, a Conferência sobre Infra-estruturas para Gás em Moçambique.

MAPUTO- A conferência, é Co-organizada pela Confederação das Associações Económicas de Moçambique (CTA), e a Africa Influence Exchange (AIE), e visa apresentar ao sector privado local e internacional, os updates da indústria do Oil&Gas no que se refere a projectos estratégicos de infra-estruturas que criam oportunidades de fornecimentos de serviços e subcontratações na área de construção e logística para o mercado nacional. 

Oil & Gas Experts to Meet in Maputo in January


The Infra-Gas Projects Mozambique Summit will take place on the 31 January 2017 at the Radisson Blu Maputo Conference Centre. The event will be officially opened by Confederação das Associações Económicas de Moçambique, Ministério de Recursos Minerais e Energia and Ministério da Indústria e Comércio.


Republic of Mozambique Government


Arising from the need to review the legal framework set out in the Decree No, 6/2001 of 20 February, with a view to adjusting it in keeping with the labour legislation in force and thus meet the current market demands, in the light of paragraph 2, article 83 and 269 both of Law No. 23/2007 of 1 August, (the Labour Law), the Council of Ministers Decrees. Regulation governing Private Employment Agencies - document to be discussed in detail and explained at Fundamentals in Labour Law Mozambique and Labour Relations Management Course


Republic of Mozambique Government


Arising from the need to review Decree No, 55/2008 of 30 December, that approves the Regulation governing the Mechanisms and Procedures for Employment of Foreign Nationals, with a view to adjust it to current market development challenges, in the light of article 269 of Law No. 23/2007 of 1 August, the Labour Law, the Council of Ministers Decrees. Regulation governing the Mechanisms and Procedures for Employment of Foreign Nationals - to be discussed and explained at Fundamentals in Labour Law Mozambique and Labour Relations Management Course

Employment and Labour Law 2016


The Constitution of Mozambique establishes in its Title III, Chapter V (Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and Duties) a number of fundamental rights, such as freedom of association (Trade Unions), the right to work and the right to strike. Additionally, the Mozambican Employment Law (Law No. 23/2007, of 1 August 2007) is applicable to all employment relationships in Mozambique.  The employment relationships of foreign non-resident employees are also regulated by Decree No. 55/2008, of 30 December 2008.