23 & 24 February 2023
Location and Venue:


Exclusive 2 Day
Live Webinar

The New Commercial Code of Mozambique

During this exclusive live masterclass, you will receive much needed clarity on the new Commercial Code and how this code defines and governs the classification, administration, management and operations of all Mozambican companies.

Masterclass Agenda Outline:

  • General Provisions, Definitions, Objective and Scope of Commercial Codes
  • Classification of Companies and Entrepreneurs
  • Business Establishment and Registration
  • Type of Companies and General Provisions, Rights and Responsibilities Thereof
  • Mechanics and Management of Various Companies
                 - Meetings and Deliberation
                 - Management, Administration and Fiduciary Duties
                 - Supervision
                 - Company Secretaries
                 - Supervisory Boards
                 - Responsibility for the Constitution, Administration and Supervision of the Company
                 - Company Bookkeeping and Accounting
                 - Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation
                 - Capital, Mergers and Spin Offs
                 - Dissolution and Liquidation
                 - Shares and Bonds
                 - Board of Directors and Audit Committee
                 - Profits and Dividends
  • Penalties and Fines
  • And more…

Presented in English!


The new Commercial Code came into effect in September 2022. This very important legislation has resulted in various changes from the previous Commercial Code, including changes to the registration and classification of companies; types of companies; as well as the management, supervision and administration of companies. The method and requirements for governance and supervision of companies has changed too. All businesses operating in Mozambique, regardless of the industry, must adhere to this new Code.

African Influence Exchange is proud to be hosting a 2 day Masterclass on the New Commercial Code of Mozambique. This Masterclass will be presented in Portuguese in Maputo and in English as a live webinar.

Couto, Graça e Associados (CGA)


Facilitator: Mr. Pedro Couto, Chairman, Couto, Graça e Associados (CGA) 


  • Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director / Country Manager
  • Head of Legal / Lawyer
  • Head of Compliance / Compliance Officer
  • Company Secretary
  • Chief Operations Officer / Head of Operations
  • Chief Financial Officer / Financial Director / Financial Manager
  • Accountant / Bookkeeper
  • Financiers and Investors



Exclusive 2 Day Online Training: ZAR 13400 / USD 790

Register 3 or more: ZAR 11200 / USD 650

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Pedro Couto, Chairman, Couto, Graça e Associados (CGA)

Pedro Couto, Graduated in Law at the University of Eduardo Mondlane, in 1995. Post-Graduated in Corporate Law, in the Faculty of Law at the University of Lisbon, in 1996. Post-graduated in Administrative Law at the University of Eduardo Mondlane in partnership with University of Lisbon, in 1998. Post-graduated in Project Finance Structure at the University of Cape Town, in 2000.

Presently, Chairman and is in charge of the Department of Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructures at Couto, Graça e Associados (CGA).

With 23 years of experience, as General Counsel of private companies, State organisations and corporations throughout Mozambique, he is involved in initiatives such as BOT, BOOT, restructuring of companies, foreign investment, financing, privatization and public procurement (transport, mining, aviation, energy, oil, gas, Port, rail and business infrastructure). He is an expert in Project Finance and Finance Structure having participated in most Power and Infrastructure projects in recent years in Mozambique.

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CGA - Couto, Graça & Associados is a TOP Mozambican Law Firm which provides high quality legal services to it's clients. With 40 lawyers, CGA has vast experience in corporate law, concessions, PPP’s, dispute resolution, labour and investment, as well as leading practices in banking, real estate and tax. The firm also has extensive experience in a number of industry sectors, including the energy, natural resources and infrastructure sectors