17 September 2021
Location and Venue:
Live Webinar


Presented in Portuguese
on 14 September!

Exchange Control Regulations Mozambique 2021

Português: Clique AQUI

During this exclusive briefing, you will receive much needed clarity on the Exchange Control Regulations and how these regulations impact business’ operating in Mozambique. We will run through the Foreign Exchange Law(11/2009) in it’s entirety, and deconstruct the Decree no 49/2017!

An In-depth Review and Analysis of:

Foreign Exchange Operations:

  • Classification of Foreign Exchange Operations
  • Terms and Conditions of Authorisation

Entry and Exit of Foreign Currency

  • Limits and Conditions set by the Bank of Mozambique 

Entities Authorised to Trade in Foreign Exchange

  • Terms and Conditions for Trading

Obligation to Declare and Remit Foreign Exchange Assets

  • Terms and Conditions set by the Bank of Mozambique

Please note: This market briefing will be presented in Portuguese on 14 September and presented in English on 17 September


  • Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director / Country Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer / Financial Director / Financial Manager
  • Chief Operations Officer / Head of Operations
  • Accountant / Bookkeeper
  • Head of Legal / Lawyer
  • Head of Compliance / Compliance Officer


Facilitator: Mr. Pedro Couto, Chairman, Couto, Graça & Associados (CGA) 

Attendee Fees:

1 Day Exclusive Webinar: USD390
Register 3 or more delegates: USD350 each

1 Day Exclusive Briefing: R5700
Register 3 or more delegates: R5000 each


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Pedro Couto, Chairman, Couto, Graça e Associados (CGA)

Pedro Couto, Graduated in Law at the University of Eduardo Mondlane, in 1995. Post-Graduated in Corporate Law, in the Faculty of Law at the University of Lisbon, in 1996. Post-graduated in Administrative Law at the University of Eduardo Mondlane in partnership with University of Lisbon, in 1998. Post-graduated in Project Finance Structure at the University of Cape Town, in 2000.

Presently, Chairman and is in charge of the Department of Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructures at Couto, Graça e Associados (CGA).

With 23 years of experience, as General Counsel of private companies, State organisations and corporations throughout Mozambique, he is involved in initiatives such as BOT, BOOT, restructuring of companies, foreign investment, financing, privatization and public procurement (transport, mining, aviation, energy, oil, gas, Port, rail and business infrastructure). He is an expert in Project Finance and Finance Structure having participated in most Power and Infrastructure projects in recent years in Mozambique.

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Club of Mozambique is your online gateway to Mozambique, offering up-to-date information and news relating to business, politics and other economic activities in Mozambique. We are a leading news source, giving global brands access to an affluent online audience through our media partnerships. 

Rhula Intelligent Solutions specialises in the provision of information-led risk management services to multinational companies, financial institutions and private clients operating in Africa. Rhula’s objective is to offer clients seamless solutions for asset protection in high-risk political and security environments. The Rhula Mozambique Weekly Media Review is currently being distributed to governments, in-country embassies, non-governmental organisations, research institutes, foreign investors as well as local businesses and individuals (on request).

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CGA - Couto, Graça & Associados is a TOP Mozambican Law Firm which provides high quality legal services to it's clients. With 40 lawyers, CGA has vast experience in corporate law, concessions, PPP’s, dispute resolution, labour and investment, as well as leading practices in banking, real estate and tax. The firm also has extensive experience in a number of industry sectors, including the energy, natural resources and infrastructure sectors.