ENI invites Mozambican companies to provide goods and services for Rovuma LNG projects

Author: Club of Mozambique
Date: 2017-02-01
Link: http://clubofmozambique.com/news/eni-invites-mozambican-companies-provide-goods-services-rovuma-lng-projects/?utm_source=The+Mozambican+Investor_&utm_campaign=731d132213-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_02_02&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d3b369a42d-731d132213-237793793

Italian oil company ENI is increasingly determined to invest in the Rovuma Basin in Cabo Delgado. Its board of directors announced the approval of its US$10 billion investment plan in November last year, and yesterday in Maputo the same company announced a series of tenders open to national and international companies, calling on Mozambican companies to get ready to provide services and supplies of equipment.

ENI had a strong presence at the second conference on oil and gas promoted by the Confederation of Economic Associations on Tuesday, and made three presentations on the various activities underway in the projects announced.

There are two major projects in the pipeline. The first – and the most advanced – is for the construction of a floating natural gas liquefaction plant; the second is another liquefaction plant located on the Afungi peninsula on the mainland.